Our Services

Xmedia Design Switzerland

Managed hosting for Xmedia Design GMBH Switzerland

Kodex.me web portal

Managed hosting services for Kodex.me web portal.

BIHAMK - The Bosnian automobile club

We provide managed hosting services for The Bosnian automobile club since 2010.

Depo.ba web portal

Inservio provides managed hosting services for Depo. Technologies used: NginX, PHP-FPM, MySQL 5.6, Varnish. Design done by our partner company Lupon Ventures.

Alfa Energy USA

Web design and web programming for Alfa USA.


Inservio was responsible for the design part of the Hardwarebase portal.


The gadget blog, custom coded with CakePHP.


OmniaMedic is a company dealing with sales of medical equipment who in the last two years started investing in online presence. The client requested a CMS that was flexible and easily expandable with new features. One of the key features was the product catalog and private client area. The win combination was Drupal powered by Ubercart. This website is under heavy redesign.
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/sites/default/files/DEPO Portal 2014-06-29 20-19-27.png